Artist: Bushwick Bill
Production: Bruce Bang For Neo Urban Sounds
Album: My Testimony Of Redemption
Purchase: https://www.thebus-shop.com
Release Date: December 1, 2009
Label: G-Spot Productions/Much Luvv Records
Hometown: Houston, TX
Website: www.myspace.com/therealbushwickbill
Bio/Notes: The most well-known event of Bushwick Bill’s life was a shooting accident in which he lost his right eye. One night in May 1991, while depressed, drunk and suicidal, he went to his girlfriend’s house and asked her to shoot him. She refused, and he threatened to harm their baby. After a struggle, the gun went off, piercing his eye, leaving a bullet stuck inside his head. He survived the accident, but lost his eye. The whole story is told in detail in the song “Ever So Clear” and its accompanying music video. The song name is a reference to the grain alcohol he was drinking at the time of the accident: Everclear. While in the hospital, a picture was taken for The Geto Boys’ next album We Can’t Be Stopped. In the picture, the two other Geto Boys, Willie D and Scarface, are pushing a gurney down a hospital hall, and the bloodied swollen eye can clearly be seen.
Bushwick Bill can also be heard in the Dr. Dre album The Chronic in the concluding part of Stranded on Death Row which was performed by Kurupt of The Dogg Pound, RBX, the Lady of Rage and Snoop Dogg. His 1998 album No Surrender…No Retreat was dedicated to his friend Gil Epstein, a Fort Bend County prosecutor, who was shot dead in Houston, Texas, in 1996.
He has also acted in movies like Who’s the Man?, Original Gangstas, Night Vision and Street Life.
According to his MySpace page, he is now a born-again Christian. He has completed a Christian rap album entitled Testimony of Redemption. In July 2008, he appeared with the Geto Boys at a concert in Houston.
In regards to fame, he stated:
“Fame will make you crazy. Fame isn’t for everybody. There are people who have a fear of fame, those who want fame, and those who don’t understand fame. It drives them crazy, because it is a lot of responsibility to be all things to all people, and you can lose yourself in the shuffle, where there are no longer 52 cards in the deck.”
Bushwick Bill stands at 3’8″. Rea More…