“BrvndonP is a regular dude who goes through life situations and life encounters and life experiences. He’s pretty much just like everybody else.”

BrvndonP (pronounced Brandon P) started making beats at age fourteen. Shortly after he started experimenting with music, he moved from California to Kentucky. “I met this dude named Bluechip from The Righteous Riders. He saw that I made beats and he connected me with a young cat, his name is Mirror Image.”

Bluechip suggested that BrvndonP produce an album for Mirror Image. “[Mirror Image] basically inspired me to start writing and start rapping more and take it more seriously.” A few years later he moved back to California and connected with artists like Transparent and JG. “It got serious around that time” in 2010.

Last month, Brvndonp released his second solo album, Better Late Than Never.

“This is real life experiences that have happened to me, [and I want to] encourage people that they’re not alone.”

The title Better Late Than Never has a two-folded meaning. On one side, “people are just now waking up or paying attention to what I’m doing” with regards to him as an artist. On the other side, “I could’ve been further along in my life career-wise, but different situations in my life that I did myself have caused me to take the longer route.” Now that he has gotten to a satisfying point in his music career, he says it is better to have gotten there late than not at all.

Rather than making an album about victories over past trials and challenges, Better Late Than Never is about what BrvndonP is currently going through. “I’m human just like they are.”

One of the biggest challenges he is facing is “actually finding a person that I want to marry. I’ve never struggled with alcohol, drugs, or being in a gang or something like that. Girls, females are always an issue for me.”

“I don’t like confrontation. I’m passive aggressive so I will hold stuff in and not really explain myself.”

In “Low Key,” BrvndonP shares how he actually feels about a variety of situations in his life. “It’s just the people that were inside those situations that know what I’m talking about.”

“I Got Now” was his first single from the project, having been released in January. It is “a declaration of me just saying I’m tired of waiting. I’m tired of saying I got next.” BrvndonP wants listeners to have faith in their own abilities and efforts to achieve their goals in the present.

“Almost is a good one.” The song “Almost,” featuring Derek Minor, was inspired by a near-death experience.

“I was at a party where I shouldn’t have been at and I basically got drugged. Somebody put something in my drink.”

His mom found him in an alley and his car had been stolen. “I almost could’ve lost my life that night, if it wasn’t for my mom and the girl I was talking to at the time saving me.”

“Need To Know” is another real-life inspired song. “I was talking to my ex [and] she didn’t really explain how she felt… but she was so subliminal on social media about how she felt.” He wanted her to tell him how she was feeling. “I can’t read your mind. Let’s communicate to each other. Let’s talk.”

“Trouble” follows “Need To Know” and is about the potential partner “that your parents told you not to talk to. Told you to leave alone. They’re no good for you.” In the song, BrvndonP talks about being on the tail end of lust.

“No Plan B” speaks about staying focused on your goals.

“I like to not think of ‘just in case this doesn’t work out.’ That’s always a crutch. I want to go full force into this thing.”

RPSMG comes back together on “Issa Lot.” BrvndonP describes the song as a party banger. “It just felt good doing a song again with my brothers. I just felt like I needed a song with RPSMG on my album.” He says that the whole RPSMG crew is planning to do a group project “real soon.”

Better Late Than Never concludes with “Broken.” Due to all the trials he described in previous songs, he said, “I am broken to where God is able to come in and actually fix me up… God is able to piece these broken pieces back together back to a whole picture.”

Outside of music, BrvndonP enjoys playing basketball, playing with friends several days a week.

“I love hanging out with people that don’t want anything to do with anything that I do [in music.]”

Though he loves time outside of music, BrvndonP said, “I basically live, breathe, and eat music. I don’t know what I would do without it.”

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