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Artist: Billy D.
Featured: Kelly Carver
Production: Tony Ford
Album: Metamorphosis
Release Date:
Label: Unsigned
Hometown: Canton, Ga.
Bio/Notes:  I have been in love with music since a little kid and was putting together performances early in  high school. Soon after graduation, I opened and ran a DJ business and was performing on the side in the secular world. Trouble in that life of every kind brought me to my knees. Soon after, I was saved and started turning my music into Christian music to glorify God; however, when I got married I felt the need to get into the corporate world. I was very successful and learned a lot although I was slowly drifting back to worldly things and was conforming to the world. Greed at all angles had consumed me. I had fallen back so far I was about to lose everything I had…my wife, family, job, etc. I cried out to God for help. God got a hold of me once again and raised me up and spared all those things I held so dear. I promised from that point on I would live each day for Him forever and use the spirit daily to guide me (which I didn’t do before). Only by His spirit can we live a changed life. We are incredibly weak without it. I have never been so hype and on fire for God in my life and will humbly do the work God has called me to do. Favorite Scripture is Luke 9:23-24.  I hope you enjoy this debut album but more importantly I hope you see what Christ has done for me in my life and what He can also do for you.