From making Beleaf In Fatherhood, he has learned that “my work will never be done with my children, but also my work will never be done with my parents. I feel like fatherhood has pushed me to be a better son, to be more forgiving and loving. I do feel like my heart is being tugged in a direction I’m not comfortable with, and that is to minister to my father and my mother.”

Beleaf says that one of the strangest parts about being a stay at home parent is that he is a man.

“You go to the playground and all the stay at home moms with their daughters and nannys look at you like you’ve got leprosy, like you don’t belong there.”

He says that is gives him perspectives to his working friend dealing with their stay at home wives, to show them that being a stay at home parent is hard work, not a time to be lazy.

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