His sons, Theo and Uriah, love to watch Beleaf In Fatherhood. They don’t like to be filmed, so Beleaf tries to hide from them when they are being filmed as if they are not.

“If I do it [film with the iPhone] front facing and they can see themselves, they just sit there and make funny faces.”

Beleaf’s favorite thing about making these videos is their YouTube comments. “When people tell me ‘I never wanted to be a dad until I watched this,’ or ‘You got me so excited to have a kid,’ all that is life changing for me.” He also says

“Its really encouraging man. It’s the first time I feel like I’m going to be doing something that is going to change the world. I’m really excited about it.”

He says that all parents make mistakes, but your presence is very important. “You’re still around to apologize and say sorry. You’re still around to turn everything around and teach your children how to forgive, teach them how not to gossip. It’s not about being a perfect parent, its just about being there.”