Beleaf says that in order to make his videos, “I hang around with the kids and plan my day. It never goes as planned and I just try to have cameras rolling.” He tries to make what happens in his videos to look as if they were all captured in one day, but sometimes that is not the case.

He films his video on iPhones that people no longer use and have given to him, as well as a GoPro camera. Beleaf thinks that his videos about being a father can be more influential than his music.

“I think for longevity I have a voice to speak to parents. I have a voice to speak to moms and dads and kids so I kind of want to do that.”

He believes that his success is not measured by how popular he is as an artists, but by how he can impact others by his example as a parent. “The only way that I’m succcesful is if men stop leaving their wives and children and stay at home, when stay at home moms are respected for their jobs. I was one of those people who felt like stay at home moms didn’t do anything all day until I stayed home.” Beleaf says that being a stay at home father is a mix of fun, disrespect, and education.