In Spring 2015 Beacon Light released a song called “Color Blind” a response to racism. The song references “The Giver,” a 1993 novel that was made into a movie in 2014. He says that there is a kid who lives in a supposedly utopian society where the past is blocked out. The kid sees in black and white, grayscale, “and as he starts to grow and develop he starts to see in full color and it opens his eyes.”

Beacon Light says that in the song, he imagines what life would be like if people saw in grayscale. Everything would be dull and there would be no diversity, at least in terms of color.

“You look out and see flowers and the grass. What if they were all gray? I was imagining that as being what racism is. Racism really takes away from seeing the beauty in the differences that God created us in, because God did make us [humans] different [from each other].”

The song talks about how different the world would be if there was no diversity and hopes that God will heal racial tensions. Beacon Light says that the most powerful thing a person can do to stop racism is to have friendships with a diversity of people.

This fall, Beacon Light hopes to tour and says that when he goes on tour, he gets the reward of seeing how his music impacts listeners.

“I’ve seen so many people come up and be really deeply moved by [“Jesus Loves Me”] and relating to being abused when they were younger, the divorce thing, and watching God heal people.”

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