Well EA and DICE haven’t wasted any time going from the end of Battlefield 3 to revealing what’s next with Battlefield 4. The next game in the series has been unwrapped, and as is often the case, it’s the single-player that is being shown first. Personally, I though the single-player in BF3 was a waste of time. It didn’t feel particularly like Battlefield and certainly didn’t have the compelling elements of the multi-player. However, DICE is introducing a few tweaks to it this time around. For one, you can control your squadmates and give them orders. From the footage shown, it’s looks as though that adds an almost Brothers in Arms element to the single-player portion, which could make it more interesting. The single-player will also feature big maps and plenty of vehicles, the more to capture that unique Battlefield feel, which was sorely missing for the most part in BF3’s campaign. Also, the game will track your progress in single-player, so there will be a level of competition there for you and your friends.

Along with the first details, DICE also showed off the first gameplay footage running on the Frostbite 3 engine. In truth, I wasn’t that impressed. It looked very much like the campaign from BF3. Giving squadmates commands looked interesting, and it’s always a joy to literally blow someone’s cover, but most of it looked pretty familiar. Also, I’m not buying the whole leaving the player’s character mute. Everyone talks to you, but you don’t answer back. Even when you give orders you don’t say anything. Who is this guy, Snakeyes? Nitpicks aside, the game looks great, and there’s not beating Battlefield for the joys of destruction. The game releases this Fall, so take a look at the first footage and share your thoughts in the comments below. (Be warned, this game will be rated M, so the following footage does contain some rough language and lots of guns and explosions and bad guys getting killed.)

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