“B.Reith I would say is a pop, soul, singer/songwriter who loves to connect with people and melodies and core progressions and heartfelt music is the best way that I know how to do that.”

“From the time I was old enough to be able to talk or hear, I was taught and told that Jesus is the way and that God loves us and made a way for us to be in relationship with Him.” When he was in college, B.Reith thought to himself that he cannot continually ask Jesus into his heart, that he had to seriously commit himself to God and wait to see the fruit of that.

“I do wrestle with doubt and fear, [but] I think at the core of who I am, it is undeniable that God has made Himself evident through Creation and over my life.” He says that over his life, his struggle is to accept in each present moment that God loves him for who he is.

“Life isn’t always that simple in my mind, but I wrestle in my mind every day.”