Although B. Reith has been active behind the scenes gigging, producing, and even writing new music, it’s been a while since we’ve heard officially from the musical auteur.  He writes about it plainly in this new mixtape track featuring Christon Gray and Beleaf. (Christon Gray has also been silent since he’s been in the lab with Kirk Franklin’s label cooking up something new.)  B. Reith admittedly is a perfectionist, as he writes in his blog.  It shows in his last volume “How the Story Ends”, which added musicality and perfection in a way that hip-hop rarely sees.  Some may say that B. Reith is not hip-hop, and that’s something that makes him a bit of a mystery to the broader market and to CHH fans alike, and something that B. relishes.  But the mystery is good, and if you’re not trying to solve it you should be.

B. Reith has always had good management and they’re playing this one close to the vest by having you visit the site and signup to get the mixtape single.  So, go here and grab it.  Fun and fresh stuff.  (Unlike other media outlets that try and exploit artists material for their own benefit, we are happy to send people to the source so that the artist benefits directly.  So go to his newly minted site, get the single, read his blog and buy some merch even. Tell him we sent ya.)