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I am simply a vessel. God is definitely the force behind what I’m doing and I consider myself just a vessel that He’s poured into. I try to stay as humble as possible and realize that any gift or talent that I have came from God.

Hip-Hop Soul is what he describes his musical style as. Circa 1993 is Oklahoma City-based artist Sean C. Johnson’s sixth project and on it you will hear soulful singing as well as rapping.


Every“Every story has a beginning. No matter where you are in your life, your story started somewhere.” This is the simple message that he has to communicate in his new album.

Your story may not be at a happy place, it may be at a happy place, or you may be in a transition, but God is writing you a story and that story does have a beginning.

Sean C. Johnson is sharing how he got to where he is now, starting in 1993 when he was eleven years old, a time when major changes occurred in his life. He details four events that occurred to him in that year, the first of which was the death of his mother. Then he fell in love with music, thirdly is his first time watching a pornographic movie, and the fourth pivotal moment of his year was giving his life to Christ.

This album goes back to see how God used those four events leading eventually to me giving my life to Christ.