Though he makes music, Bumps INF is primarily a family man. He is married with five children.

“That’s a huge part of my time. Work everyday, come home, do the family thing. One can imagine with five kids that it’s a lot to handle appointments, grocery store trips, gymnastics, basketball, and all this other stuff. I just do music in my spare time.”

He says that he regularly gets messages from fans thanking him for the impact and encouragement that his songs have made in their lives. His favorite song of his own is “Shunned By Society” because of its personal connection to him and how others connect to it.

“The way it came together is even today mysterious to me. When I was writing the record I wasn’t even sure what I was saying. I’m not trying to get mystical or weird, but I didn’t have a plan. It was almost like God was like ‘Scoot over, I am in the driver’s seat now.’”

Bumps INF will be at SXSW this year and may partake in a tour with God Over Money. He says that his fellow God Over Money Records label mates will probably all drop their own solo projects this year.

You can follow Bumps INF on his Facebook and Twitter.

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