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Artist: Archie
Featured: Hillary Jane & Still Trill Christians
Production: Benjamin Leroy “Benjah”
Album: Bringin The Noise In
Release Date:
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Website: Archie Website
Bio/Notes: Archie was born and raised in Houston, Texas, stepped into the ministry at the age of 18 years old. Archie has been through a lot but his main goal in this whole world is to see Jesus Christ glorified. He is now a Pastor at a local youth ministry in Humble Texas called Generation Ministries. There he seeks to do one thing “To see the Mission of Jesus Christ imparted into the next generation.” He just recently picked up music feeling that it is something that God has gifted him in, and he seeks to push forward the gospel that way. Being a person who was heavy into music growing up and not just hip hop but hardcore rock, 80s, Pop, R&b and many more genres he knows the difficulties when it comes to finding music that will feed your spirit as well as allow you to nod your head until you “break your neck” or that gets you krunk while pouring into you spiritually and pushing you forward. So that is one of the biggest thing he seeks to do. So taking it to the streets but also not forgetting about the people that are sitting in the church, that may be doing just that SITTING and not running in the direction that Christ has set out for them. So if you could sum up his heart through music in 2 phrases it would be “Discipleship in the church” and “Truth with Love outside the church”.