The title “Never The Same” is representative of many things. One being that once Andrew got caught skipping school and doing drugs his sophomore year in high school, he was never the same because his parents showed him a christ-like love that he had never felt before. Another being that, musically, Andrew’s content is never the same. When creating the Mixtape he realized the vast diversity in the music and fell in love with it. Lastly, being only one and a half years into making music, he hopes that as he grows as an Artist, he never becomes stagnant. His desire is to consistently bring new things to the table and stay diverse.

Producers: Mr. Carmack, Sango, Invention, J-Wiz, Jahaan Sweet, MaxDotBeats, Phonix Beats, Mike WiLL Made-It, Marz, E-Swift, Tha Alkoholiks, Blake Frederick

1. Happy (Ode To Love)
2. Girl
3. You’re So/To Myself
4. Call Me Back
5. Night Like This
6. Distance
7. Live Loud (feat. Lee Williams)
8. Peace, Joy, Righteousness (Interlude)
9. No Other Thing
10. Monster
11. Left Me Broken

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