On his newest EP “Maturity”, Andre tackles a topic that we think about all the time: living a simpler life, taking it back to childhood, and just wanting to chill without worries.  On the face of it, this would seem irresponsible. However, AB hits on a biblical topic throughout this EP, namely, Matthew 6:25-34, where Jesus teaches on not worrying and trusting Him with our future and our needs.  Andre gets the theme right.  And adding to the rhyme is the chill vibe of the album. Some of it is old school mid-tempo funk, reminiscent of the late 70’s, complete with Miles Davis inspired horns.  Nothing is hype here and that’s OK. It’s actually refreshing – cleansing the palette from what is common right now.  Makes me want to put on some shorts and tank top and cruise on a skateboard in Long Beach. Enjoy the chill.

In the track “Kid Again”, Andre runs down the list of things that get us down as adults: endless bills, criticism, setbacks, worries.  But we need to have the mind of a child and let it flow.  Like King David, we should be like kids – just being before God.

“Carpool” is about making the change – remembering, but not yearning for what’s in the past but being thankful for what God has done in our lives.

For “Collateral Damage,” AB reminds us that even though we may have pure motives to be confident and also sharing the Good News, it can also make us detestable.  We can offend by being prideful, and not taking into account just loving people when sharing Christ.

“Fair Weather Friends” hits head-on the parallel between the relationships we have friends when times are tough, and our unashamed stand for Christ.  Like the apostle Peter, when under attack, do we back down or do we stand tall?  Shouldn’t our earthly friendships model our “all in” attitude with Jesus?

We all strive to be who God made us to be and to be worthy of being called a Christian.  But do we all measure up.  Hardly.  AB is real with his struggle, saying he’s “Shattered”

The single “Maturity” has been out for a while, but it solidifies the album lyrically.  Although we want to be careless like kids, maturity is what we need.  We need to be men, for our wives, for our kids, for others.  “Maturity brings your life in focus…Every day you allow me to see the man I should be.”  Beleaf also sprinkles some new truth on one of the verses.

The instrumentation is fun and funky and loose.  Andre’s lyrics are on point, but on occasion the flow is loose too.  It’s OK. I forgive him because he scores high on content. I would have liked to hear the vocals set back in the mix a bit. This is common with some CHH – vocals that seem tracked “on top” of the tracks rather than mixed in with care.  All said, though, the tracks are listenable, and even across the frequency spectrum, and I found myself drawn in.  And the album art is perfect to fit the concept.

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