Christian Rapper Fears is an honest, from the heart track chronicling the fears and worries of a struggling Christian rapper. This song displays Andre’s conflict with his God-given purpose and his personal aspirations. Ultimately, he concludes hip-hop can’t be his main priority in life.

Produced By: OSYM


1st Verse
I’m stuck between being your favorite And I should quit
Monday I think my song is great , Friday I’m over it
Contentment seems so distant , despite how close I get
I’ve Neglected the giver, and focused on the gift
Somehow I melted down these scriptures to craft my golden calf
These lonely raps I have become my epitaph
My words are hollow if it isn’t you I choose to follow
My best life now than death is surely my tomorrow
Will I be missed this bitterness I choose to swallow
I know you’re busy but please let me borrow
A moment of your time can you lend an ear
I’m just a Christian need convincing that the end is near
Woh, let me make it clear
Salvation not in jeopardy
Just not sure if he’ll return before I am deceased
Still no changing me, only got one set of clothes
Will he return today really only Heaven knows
So I walk by faith and his grace my blindfold
Not by sight so I write with my eyes closed
Praying these songs I make never become my idol
Since I’m with God really who’s my rival

2nd Verse
Oh no , so here I go from my heart again
Sometimes it seems so cold can I get a cardigan
This life’s a silly game I got the winning card in hand
I try to share it but it seems that they don’t understand
Hmm, such a backwards plan
You died so we can live as friends
Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Ross, Jennifer Ann
That’s a line from JGIVENS he’s the coldest man
We met a couple times, my bad back to the plan
Sometimes I have a hard time seeing why you chose me
You’re the bridegroom and sadly I have cold feet
It’s clear your love for me and grace indeed is out of sight
But my actions rarely display even a strong like
Your resurrection made it official like stripes and a whistle
But it’s so hard to explain why I’m so non committal
A special gift it is to construct all these riddles
This world is grand and often times I just feel so little
So make it clear exactly where you have a place for me
Search my heart and remove all this displacency
I think I’m good but really what does that mean
If I’m winning but playing for the wrong team

3rd Verse
I was gonna pay somebody for a third verse
But instead I put that money in my wife’s purse
These dudes will try to rob you quick like a masked killa
Especially if you ain’t never been on Rapzilla
I love the site but the way my check account is setup
I should call the bank today I’m really getting fed up
but truthfully my mind is occupied by bigger goals
Like prenatal care and trying to find a mortgage loan
In my heart of hearts I’ll always love this studio
But lacking wisdom with my spending I cannot condone
So I work this 9 to 5 and thank God for his grace
And try to jot down all my thoughts  during lunch breaks
Hold up here comes my boss let me look busy
Soon as I get my record deal I swear he’s gonna miss me
I’m only kidding I’ll quit rap before I quit my job
And just my luck that’ll be the day Lecrae calls