“Post Rock is the 4th and final installment of Alert312’s Singular Vision single series.

About the Singular Vision series:

Alert312 introduces Singular Vision, a series of 4 singles presented as an artisan offering of musical and visual art. It’s no secret that ALERT312 are lovers of analogue- from drum heads to tambourines to oil paint. The challenge of crafting something distinct that comes from their hearts and hands is a principle that drives every aspect of their art, and the results are a moving original form of worship from the duo.

Singular Vision boasts features from like hearted artisans in their own right: Sho Baraka, Tragic Hero, Jackie Hill, Eshon Burgundy and Lee Green.
Singular Vision’s lyrical content paints pictures for the listener on how ALERT312 view this world and the world beyond. Each week, hand crafted singles will build out the duo’s new EP and will push the boundaries of Hip Hop while still delivering the Ethnic Tribal Street Funk that we all know have defined Boogalu & Moral One.

Alert312 also released a mini-documentary to further explain Singular Vision 

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