Deacon Das begins this album like a Christian hip hop pro with the track “More Jesus”. Right from the beginning, Decon Das lets everyone know that he is “Pro Christ.” The first track has an anthem type beat and his flow is laid back full of conviction.

One great thing I want to point out about this Blood & Wine album is that Deacon Das is representing his hometown of Cincinnati. Deacon gets his hometown brethren K-drama (a.k.a. “Platinum Tips”) to hold down a ton of production on this project. PlayWright music singer-rapper Scott Sims lends his vocals on the song “Table For Two”. This track is for the special lady in your life and it sounds like this brother put a ring on it.

Stand out track is “New Wine” feat Herman Noble. This may be the perfect Deacon Das track. The production, the hook, and the bars are all on 100. This is also single with a nice music video to show how it goes down in the Nati.

The track “Still Here” feels like an OG on the corner telling young guys in ministry how the Christian hip-hop life ain’t all good. Deacon Das flow was perfect on this track, and he painted a vivid story or a haunting piano track. I still hear the hook as I write this. “Still Here” reminds me of God’s faithfulness. His faithfulness to keep you in the ups and downs. I know this track, in particular, will help many in the field when they feel like throwing in the town. Tracks “Beautiful Sacrifice”, “We Worship You”, and “Greater” end off the album on the right note, the note of worshiping God.

“Blood & Wine” is what Christians who love rap need to hear right now. Music that is full of scripture, God-glorifying bars, realness, and a real emcee who is down for a cause. It’s so many pros about this album I could go on forever, only cons I found is technical things like mixing things and a few beats I didn’t feel. But my advice is to go and download.