Cincinnati based Anthony Edwards (A.K.A. AE Da’ MC Preacha) is not new to music and has been rapping since he was 12 years old. Developing his craft and learning about production has brought him to the place musically where he is today. Since 2007 he has dropped 2 mixtapes and 5 albums. His latest project is part one the Rebels of The Light series entitled Limitless.

AE steps straight onto the battlefield with a fresh call to Believers in Christ to join the “Rebels of The Light” against the enemy and stand for Christ no matter the cost. “Limitless” continues the battle mindset with an anthem track that can be declared wherever you are.

“Light Blaze” addresses our need as believers to let the light of Christ shine to the backdrop of a head nod production. “Rise Up” challenges each of us to take a stand for truth and not fall prey to the tempations that the World and the Devil place before us.

AE also lets us in on the fact that his family is the reason why he fights, specifically his relationship with his wife. We get to see this expressed in not one but two loves songs on this project, “Love for Life” and “Deeper in Love.” He also lets us know that his grind is to take care of his family, cause he’s “Puttin in Work.”

As we approach the finish for AE’s project, we see the focus go from the battlefield to the King we fight for. “God’s In Control” is a strong declaration and testimony of God’s faithfulness in AE’s life up to this point. “New Worship” reminds us that as we come into God’s presence in worship, we are renewed and changed everytime.

“King of The North” is AE’s final anthem on this project which is an emphasis that he won’t confirm to anything that is opposed to Christ! For those who purchase the physical CD of this project, there is an intro and outro for this track (which includes sound clips from Game of Thrones).

Rebels of The Light (Part 1: Limitless) is an extremely encouraging project which motivates the believer to stand for Christ, fight the good fight of faith and lay our live down for the “King of the North”. While I personally find much of the production similar from track to track, it is lyrically and creatively solid. I look forward to seeing Part 2 of Rebels of The Light

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