On August 14 (2016), Pastor Joel Stigale, a powerful urban missionary who created Catalyst Hip-Hop (a sub-ministry of Youth for Christ) in South Florida, passed from this life. In 2015, he underwent a lung transplant and was dealing with serious health issues that leaked into 2016. His fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are at peace, knowing that he is now home and enjoying ultimate healing with our Father in heaven.

Stigale founded Catalyst Hip Hop on September 8, 2001. Catalyst is a program that positively impacts the lives of Miami youth and gives them a safe place to develop their talents. The four elements of hip-hop (Graffiti, MCíng, DJíng, & Break-dancing) are consistently displayed there. Growing up, Joel and his friends didn’t have a safe place to express themselves (break-dancing) artistically. God used that circumstance to spark the vision for Catalyst. One of the many unique aspects of this Christ-centered spot, is that Joel didn’t censor the artists and their art.

“Why should I expect them to listen to me if I don’t first listen to them.” – Joel 


Catalyst Hip Hop puts on weekly events and has national artists (Rhema Soul, Playdough a/k/a Krum for example) perform at their venue. It’s one of the few places in Miami, Florida that has stayed true to the hip-hop scene.

Joel Stigale dedicated his life to reaching people with the life-saving message of Jesus Christ. He was married to Vivian and had a daughter named Havana. Joel and Vivian were partners in ministry and raised up a team of staff and volunteers.

Because Joel poured his life into raising up leaders from within the program, Catalyst will continue to grow and thrive in his absence. 

Miami Youth for Christ is committed to carrying out Joel’s vision to turn the entire face of hip-hop towards Jesus Christ. –  https://miamiyfc.com/

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Keep the Catalyst fam in prayer as they continue to carry out the vision.

Jam The Hype salutes you Joel! 

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