By Any Means Necessary is the debut album from artist A.O.N (All Or Nothing). The album features Json from Lampmode recording, Seckond Chaynce from HGA & MORE…

The albums title track tells the story of an artist that is seeking to honor God and will stop at nothing to do so, even giving up his gift of hip hop. We must seek to honor God in ALL areas of our life, and we must do it by Any Means Necessary.



1. Keepin’ it 100
2. Holier Than Thou (feat. Tone Spain & Read B. Verses)
3. Beautiful
4. Ain’t Me
5. Represent
6. Love Hurts (feat. Kei-Landa)
7. By Any Means Necessary
8. Best Man
9. Lose Control
10. Bang On Em’ (feat. Kirsten Collins & Omega Sparx)
11. I Win/ You Lose
12. Long Way 2 Go
13. Light Up The Sky
14. Goodbye (feat. R-Swift, Keston Ross & Eryn)
15. Better Rock (feat. Json & Disciple (D.I.)
16. Memories (feat. InHim of HGA)
17. Wherever U Are (feat. Jo) (Bonus Track)

Tracks 1-3, 5-6 & 8 produced by Rico Gibson
Track 4 Produced by Halo Hitz
Track 7 Produced by The Unbeatables
Track 9 Produced by Diamond Style Productions
Track 10 Produced by Vybe Beats
Track 11 & 14 Produced by Anno Domini
Track 12 Produced by Blacklight
Track 13 Produced by Allrounda Productions
Track 15 Produced by Higher InnerPrize
Track 16 Produced by Makemdef


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