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Artist: 737 (pronounced “Seven-Three-Seven”)
Featured: D-Maub & Eric Cross
Production: Kingdom Come Sounds & Platinum Tips
Album: Get You Some
Release Date:
Label: unsigned
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Website: www.J737.com
Bio/Notes: 737 (pronounced “seven-three-seven”) is a person who has been drastically changed by the Person and love of Jesus Christ.  He grew up having a deep love for rap music.  Some of his favorite artists at that time included Twista, Eminem, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre, and Bone Thugs N Harmony. 

      Prior to opening his heart up and submitting his life to Jesus, he had no musical talents at all.  737 was terrible at poetry and never took any musical classes in high-school.  Everything changed when he gave his life over to Christ.  Realizing that music has such a huge influence on people and cultures, he knew it would be possible to reach more people with the Good News through the avenue of music.  He started to develop a passion for writing songs, producing music, rapping, and preaching.  737 has a contagious hunger and desire to know Jesus intimately which has pushed and excelled him along into sharing Christ’s love across the US.  He shares real life experiences and the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the tool of music.  Everywhere he goes people are touched by the “realness” of his message that he presents in a relevant way to today’s youth.  People aren’t searching for something fake – they want something authentic.  737 is authentic and real in all his songs and messages, reflecting Jesus and putting Him on display.  He has now realized that God has equipped him, gifted him, and anointed him to do a work that He had already prepared in advance (Ex. 31:1-6, 35:31-35, Eph. 2:10). 

      737 has now written hundreds of songs, produced hundreds of beats, and rapped and recorded over 75 full songs with many more on the way. He has shared platform’s with bands such as Pillar, Britt Nicole, Spoken, Brooke Barrettsmith, KBN, and PJ Summers Band as well as other Christian rappers such as Flame, k-Drama, Lecrae, Tedashii, Urban D, Divine Soldiers, Nue Breed, e-cross, D-M.A.U.B, and many others.  Also, 737 has been blessed to work a long side of many well-known national speakers and organizations such as FCA, Student Venture, Wyld Life, Young Life, and has also ministered at a variety of church’s, camps, and youth groups across the United States. He has released one full album and an EP under his former name, “J-Mack.”  He just finished his sophomore album, which is called “Get You Some.”  The album was co-produced by himself (soundclick.com/kingdomcomesounds) and k-Drama (www.soundclick.com/platinumtips), who has produced for artists such as Lecrae, Flame, Tedashii, and many more.  The album features many nationally known artist such as R-Swift, K-Drama, D-Maub, Eric Cross, Bracey, Deacon D.A.S., Da Messenger, and more. His main hope’s for his new album is to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God and wreck havoc on the kingdom of darkness.  The Lord is using him through the avenue of music to reach out to youth and this generation with the love of Jesus.  It’s the hook that grabs their attention and prepares their hearts to receive His great love.