5ive Details The Concept Of Ain’t Supposed To Be Here

5ive: Originally, the album title was supposed to be Ain’t Supposed To Be Here: The Annexation of Puerto Rico. The reason I was going to call it that is because growing up, one of my favorite movies was The Little Giants. It was about a group of kids who didn’t make the town football team (who were always the best), but instead of crying and beating themselves up they formed their own team. Nobody expected the misfit kids to win a game, let alone be in the super bowl. These misfit kids went to the super bowl to play the Cowboys and the final play of the game was called the “The Annexation of Puerto Rico.” They ended up winning the game with that play. What God showed me was that Jesus is my winning play. Jesus is my “Annexation of Puerto Rico.” Nobody expected me to be off drugs, nobody expected me to be living past the age of 25, and nobody expected me to be free. I should be in prison or dead; that’s what people thought, but because God called that winning play and Jesus went to the cross for me, I got the victory. That was the original title, but when we started to work out the artwork and we saw it on paper, it looked kind of misleading. People might have thought it was a Latino album or something else. It just didn’t look right so we just dropped “The Annexation of Puerto Rico.” Of course, I had sought the council of a lot of people and they were like, “we don’t even know what that means. You would have to explain yourself a whole lot because it’s a movie,” so we were like all right we will just name it Ain’t Supposed To Be Here. The whole concept behind Ain’t Supposed To Be Here is in many of people’s minds, including myself. I should not be here, especially where I am. Honestly, God has brought me a very long way in ministry in these past three years. I’ve only been doing this for three years. As soon as God called me into doing it, man, I started to go, and I haven’t stopped because he hasn’t told me to.