To do anything worthwhile in the Kingdom of God, we must humble ourselves and realize that He is the one who brings increase and promotion as we are faithful. 5ive helps us with this reminder with his latest album Flight 393, which is inspired by Genesis 39:3:

And his master saw that the Lord was with him, and that the Lord made all that he did to prosper in his hand.

This album is packed with truth as 5ive helps prepare us to go from where we are to where God has called us to be in His Kingdom. So, sit back and relax as we prepare for “The Take Off” on Flight 393.

The first track gives a great intro to the rest of the album as 5ive inspires us to go beyond “looking up to at sky” because we “just want to fly.” He comes hard to let us know that regardless of what everyone else is doing that he is going to rep Christ at all times. So, make sure your seat belts are fastened and your seats are in their upright positions because “we takin off!”

As we leave the runway and start climbing, 5ive begins to explain where “Flight 393” is headed. “We goin’ up!” Just as you feel the pressure when a flight climbs into the upper atmosphere, 5ive drives home our need as believers to represent Christ in what we say and do. Allowing Him to be known by those who are around us. The truth is that we are always rising to greater heights in Christ as we grow. This will be evident by His fruit growing as evidenced by our humility and selflessnes.

“Ain’t About Me” and “New Man” bring us status updates on the flight, addressing what it looks like to become more like Christ. 5ive talks with us about how he is a changed man because of coming to salvation in Christ and because of that his life is all about Jesus. He addresses how some in CHH have begun to put the artist in place of Christ, and that we have a need for exalting Christ.

As our flight continues, the “Auto Pilot” causes us to hit some “Turbulence” so we “Hold On” as we go even higher. We get some strong encouragement that part of the reason our flight can get into trouble is because we want to have full control of the flight, even though we don’t know how some of the controls work. And even when we get into turbulent situations, He is there to help us through them as we turn the controls back over to Him.

The flight continues as the sky begins to clear, others get to see clearly “Who We Are.” 5ive brings us back to our purpose of not conforming to what others want us to be, but being who God has called us to be and walking out sharing the Gospel with those around us. When you see a plane from the ground, you don’t try to change what it is. As we are in Christ, we can overcome “Temptation.”

In “For My Good”, 5ive talks to us about how Hip Hop tried to “break him down” before he became a Christian, but God is now using what the devil meant for evil as a tool for His kingdom now. This is such a great encouragement that God can redeem those things in our lives that were meant to be our downfall.

As we continue our flight, we take a moment to reflect on where we have come from. This can be such a great opportunity for gratitude because “We Made It” here. And just because we are pausing for this, our flight isn’t over. In fact, we will continue to rise because “we ain’t ever comin’ down!”

If you ever need a reminder of who you are in Christ or some encouragement not to stay grounded because of fear or complacency, then make sure you catch Flight 393.


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