Chrys Jones – Fallacy
Tone Spain – All Powerful feat. Read B. Verses
Jelz – In My Head feat. Christine Asamoah
Ray Alexis – Catch Me If You Can feat. John Givez
Relikis – Salute To The King
Victorious – AAGBLT feat. Bryann Trejo & Reconcile
Doxamillion – Man ana feat. Daniella Restrepo
Lecrae – My Whole Life Changed (Bryson Price Remix)
Tony Tillman – No Lie feat. Derek Minor
Dillon Chase – Deeper Still feat. Thaddeus
Tragic Hero – Nothing You Can Do
Created Purpose – The Good Life feat. Black Knight
Jai Rian – Abandoned
GMC – 24 Hours to Live (Remix) feat. Braille, Fullafaith, K-Drama & D-MAUB