Respected battle rapper 3PFD, who has accumulated hundreds of thousands of views on his battle rap videos, is launching the first faith-based rap battle league, S.L.A.P. Battles, with Omega Sparx. Get the details on the new league in the press release below. 

Faith-Based Rap Battles? Yes, you read that right! Christian Hip-Hop artists 3PFD and Omega Sparx have joined forces to launch S.L.A.P. Battles – the first ever all-Christian rap battle league.

The concept for S.L.A.P., which stands for “Showing Love, Applying Pressure,” was the brainchild of Everette “Pop” Moore of the JustHis League. As opposed to the traditional rap battle, which pits two opponents against each other in a verbal boxing match to prove who the superior MC is, S.L.A.P. requires that MCs adopt a character that represents either a vice or a virtue. Then, in a lyrical clash of punch lines, metaphors, bars, and hard hitting a cappella rap, S.L.A.P. brings the same intense entertainment value of battle rap that fans love. In addition, S.L.A.P. presents truth and ministry through the themes of the battles.

3PFD (above left) and Omega Sparx (above right) threw an event on December 20, 2014 in downtown Charlotte, NC to position the league for nationwide presence in 2015. There were two battles at this event. The first battle featured Judah the Rapper in the role of “Rich in Dollars” versus B. Meads in the virtue role of “Poor in Spirit.” This Holiday themed battle got the outdoor audience roaring. Next up was the main event, S.L.A.P. Battles Division Presidents faced off as S.L.A.P. Pittsburgh President 3PFD, in the role of “Love” squared off against S.L.A.P. Battles Charlotte President Omega Sparx, in the role of “Lust.” Love vs. Lust, was an intense battle which did not disappoint. Both MCs brought their A game and downtown Charlotte came alive with battle rap.

The best thing is both of these battles were recorded and will be released on the official S.L.A.P. Battles YouTube: There are a few battles on the channel for your enjoyment while you wait on the new ones. Make sure to check those out when they drop.

The scheduled release dates for the new battles are as follows:
1. Love vs. Lust (3PFD vs. Omega Sparx) – January 23, 2015
2. Poor in Spirit vs. Rich in Dollars (B. Meads vs. Judah the Rapper) – February 6, 2015

Look for more S.L.A.P. events in both Pittsburgh and Charlotte and more battles on the S.L.A.P. YouTube Channel. Also, keep your eyes open for promo materials for the first S.L.A.P. Pittsburgh event, hosted by 3PFD this August.

“S.L.A.P. Battles is a powerful platform, not only are you getting crazy dope lyrics, but bringing perspectives on topics that otherwise may never be seen. S.L.A.P. is giving voice to topics that people think on and may be afraid to speak about. S.L.A.P. tackles those issues with creativity and purpose.” – Phresh, President of the JustHis League and Christian Hip-Hop Artist

To push S.L.A.P. to the next level and fund a major Pittsburgh event featuring a national Christian Hip-Hop Artist, Pittsburgh President 3PFD has launched a Crowd Funding Campaign. The money raised will go towards organizing outreach events, concerts, as well as teaching and training youth and young adults to do the work of outreach through this format. The concerts will not only provide a Christ centered entertainment alternative for our youth, but it will also provide a forum to bring together various ministries throughout the Pittsburgh region to build unity and help us all achieve the goals of all involved.

Click Here To Support S.L.A.P. Battles Pittsburgh

About 3PFD:
Born Evan Tachoir, 3PFD is a master class recording artist and songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA. A student and pioneer of Hip Hop cultures, 3PFD has obtained critical acclaim as one of the most influential writers in the industry. His music is a fusion of authentic Hip Hop and out of this world lyricism. 3PFD released his first album; the passionate freshmen project Evan’s Song, in 2010. While touring, 3PFD discovered another creative passion that would lead to worldwide recognition and fame – the sport of Battle Rapping. Over the past four years, 3PFD has developed into a formidable battle rapper, competing in the largest leagues and televised events in the world. 3PFD stands in a league of his own – utilizing his Christian faith to battle the self-absorbed, masochistic attitudes in Hip Hop cultures while simultaneously progressing the art form to new levels. 3PFD has generated over 100,000 views on YouTube as well as thousands of supporters worldwide. His current sophomore album, Outside The Box, is slated to impact the music industry powerfully in 2015 and beyond.

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