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Artist: 3D Remedy
Production: 3D Remedy for EMP
Album: “Before I Wake”
Release Date:
Label: Evolution Musik Recordings
Hometown: Staten Island, New York
Bio/Notes: Rolando Remedios was born in 1982 in the Kensington area of Brooklyn, NY.  Though raised in a Christian home and accepting Jesus Christ at the young age of 10, he strayed away during his teen-age years.  Rolando began getting involved with and experiencing the pleasures of this world, sex, drugs and gangs.  These poor choices lead to believe a future with out purpose.  However, in the summer of the year 2000 and at age 17, Rolando recommitted his life to his one true love Jesus Christ.  At age 18 he enrolled in Bible Institute, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, committed himself to the cause of Christ and became active in ministry.  His passion, purpose and promise become to see people of all ages and ethnicity, radically transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit