Uriah – Sound of Light



Ladies and Gents, Uriah Poore is back.  Now if you missed my first go round with Uriah, check out my review of his The Stars and Their Places project.  I have since been following this budding artist. However, Uriah isn’t new, neither to the scene nor to music.  Uriah returns with his latest project entitled Sound Of Light.  

I’ve been waiting, sort of patiently, for this album.  Uriah doesn’t slow things up on this next project as I feel he picks right up where he left off with TSATP and takes us further.  Sound Of Light is conceptual in its entirety but Uriah does offer some moments where we can just jam out. And he comes off more “musical” in this project which is a good step if one found him too “artsy” in his last project. Opening the project is Hear See a smooth, poetic track.  Utilizing his gift for spoken word, Uriah is right at home on this intro and immediately lays the tone for the album stating, “Sometimes I think I hear you/but…is it my conscience/Or…are you my conscience/I never know.”

Next up we have the title track, Sound Of Light, and honestly I thought I would like it more than I do.  I’m sure it just has to grow on me.  I feel overwhelmed by the heaviness of the track.  It’s heavy musically, sonically and lyrically.  I feel like it’s too early in the album to be doing this much thinking. However, Uriah is belting out some pretty respectable vocals here. I still hear Justin Timberlake, but with his falsetto, he’s giving me some Usher here, I ain’t mad!
The Search swings through and brings some freshness after making it through the last track.  The Search is one of my favorites on the album.  I love the lyrics and the beat produced by D.J. “TAQTIX” RAMOS.  I wish this track would have opened the project or at least followed the intro track.  It’s real, open and honest.  We all have those moments when we feel lost or maybe made a wrong turn in our faith.  Lines are blurred and it seems as if God has left us, only to find out that He hasn’t-“And when you find me we’ll redefine these spaces in time/A place where all that I see is your face where I hear the light/Look through the eyes of my mind and you should find… (I am here I never left you).” The Search really grabs you and Uriah sounds wonderful here.
’99, an ode to his love, his “good thing.”  I wanted to say that I felt like this was out of place on the album, as we are engaged with Uriah, we are yearning and seeking to know God better, then all of a sudden, we come into the mindset of a romantic love song. But you can’t hate on love, whether man-to-woman or man-to-God!

Hello Dreamer is super dope! Produced by AUSTIN CELAYA, it plays really industrial in sound and I really dig on the conversational tone of the track. Uriah gives voice to God as we are reminded that He is the ultimate and supreme creator and we are just living our lives as dreamers if we are thinking we are in control of everything and focus only on money, power and success.  All of that is miniscule in comparison to the greatness of God and His creations.
Next up is a short track called Remember, dedicated to Uriah’s band SELAH.  Not sure of the meaning behind the song, but it makes me wonder if Uriah is offering some sort of olive branch or is asking for one from his band mates.  I’m not familiar with SELAH, but I would think and hope that things between the band members are okay.

Oh, Breathe! Come on Uriah! This track produced by AIRBORNE AUDREY is so dope! The R&B elements, with a heavy bass knock driving it; really help showcase Uriah’s versatility.  I really like this song, my next favorite!  Now I’m not really feeling Uriah’s lower range in the beginning, it almost sounds forced and really groggy.  But as he comes into his mid-range and falsettos, Uriah is rocking this ballad about wanting your significant back in your life.  Yes! I love this song! Kind of side steps the content of the album, but I’m not mad at that!

Ending the Sound Of Light is Incandescent.  My fourth favorite track.  The JAY BLU produced track reminds me of The Opus from TSATP. Uriah closes the project calling on more versatility as we get vocal singing, spoken-word and rap.  With lyrics that are a call to arms and get you hyped Uriah states, “SAY YOUR NAME and I’m not ashamed/Like the diamonds that shine from Sierra Leone/I will never break like engagement stones/With the Psalms in my palms and this Gilead balm/I’ma keep this going Till the day I’m gone/I pray my light will never fade, away.”

Final thoughts, the album slips in and out of its original concept at times, but I like that.  As in my review of The Stars and Their Places, I wanted a song to break the mold, and on Sound Of Light we get that.  I don’t feel like you get a cohesive product like on his last effort, but Sound of Light is a good project! Uriah is beautiful with his lyrics.  The emotion and passion behind his vocals are both ginuewine and relatable. I hear the growth in Uriah on this project.  It is equally as great as his last project, but may slightly edge out TSATP as Uriah’s best work so far. I would definitely recommend you picking up this project! Uriah had a lot of work to do after TSATP, and I for one, think that he has exceeded the goal and has fulfilled my expectations.   

Categorical Ratings Breakdown:

Originality/Creativity: 3.5/5
Lyrics: 4/5
Delivery: 3.5/5
Beat Selection/Production: 3.5/5
Concept/Arrangement: 3/5