The Young Vets Podcast EP.3 Ft. @NakDaniels (Cable TV Dying?, Aha Gazelle, Derek Jeter/Marlins)

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@PaulWrites23 and @BigForChrist join forces for JamTheHype’s The Young Vets podcast! Episode 3 features hip-hop artist @NakDaniels (14:45-29:30)!


Cable TV Dying? (1:40-4:45)

Aha Gazelle (4:45-12:10)

Derek Jeter/Marlins (12:08-14:40)


Aha Gazelle – Momma House Ft. MC Fiji (6:25-10:28)

Nak Daniels – Field Of Blood (19:50-24:02)

Stay tuned for more great episodes. It only gets better!!!!

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