Takeover Records Signs Malakai Tha Truth

Allentown, Pennsylvania-based independent record label Takeover Records are proud and excited to announce the signing of Harlem bred MC & Kingdom Choice Award Winner, Malakai Tha Truth, to their current roster, one that currently includes gifted rapper/producer Derek Alexander and of course, vocalist/rapper Franky Bells, who has collaborated with the likes of Datin, Heesun Lee, Loso, Pyrexx, Illuminate, Th3 Saga & many more, while in the midst working on his debut album.

Malakai is a lyricist, songwriter & live performer whose mantra is ministry, evangelism and transparency above all else, a mantra he executes with groundbreaking approaches to songcraft, performance & lyricism for a level of artistry unlike any other.

Label CEO Angelo “LARO” Maldonado believes that the rapper born Tykym Stallings represents the emotional, evangelical & musical fabric of his company, so look for Malakai to release his official Takeover Records debut album: TRUTH INTERRUPTED sometime in 2017.

Written by Conquest

Social Media:

Instagram @Malakai1028
Facebook @Malakaithatruth
Twitter @Malakaimusic

Record Label:

Instagram @TakeoverRecordz
Facebook @TakeoverRecordz
Twitter @TakeoverRecordz

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