Steven Malcolm Shares Testimony and Talks New Album

Joseph Prielozny, formerly of Reach Records, is currently the A&R at Word Entertainment. After seeing one of Malcolm’s music videos online, Prielozny contacted him via Twitter, applauding his music and asking to hear more.

“I thought he was just a fan and I was like, ‘Here, check me out on my YouTube,’ and I didn’t know he was an A&R for a record label.”

After that, they continued to talk and Prielozny told Malcolm that he was interested in signing him to Word Entertainment.

“They flew me out to Nashville. I met everybody out there at Word, prayed about it, and I felt it was a good fit, they thought I was a good fit, and we made it happen.”

“Beforehand, I would write a song, put it out, and everybody [the public] would be like ‘Oh, that’s dope,’ but now working with Joseph he’ll have me change things here and there.” Having a critical ear to listen to his music while it’s being created has made Malcolm a better artist, especially on his new album.