Steven Malcolm Shares Testimony and Talks New Album

After graduating high school, he attended a local community college in Grand Rapids. During that time, his sister got in trouble, and his mother moved away. “[I] was struggling still to find out who I was. One day one of my guys back in high school had gave his life to Jesus a year prior. His name is Brendon Coe. He invited me to his church.”

Brendon Coe, better known as B-Coe, was part of a hip-hop church. Malcolm was not interested, thinking that he preferred to wait until he got older to start going to church. “One Saturday night, I really wasn’t doing nothing, and he invited me to that church.” Malcolm decided to join him, and

“It was something I ain’t never seen before in my life. Cats dressed like me, walk[ing] like me, talk[ing] like me.”

Seeing people who embraced the culture he connected most to who were joyful and had a firm sense of purpose was a big deal for him.

“I grew up believing in God and believing in Jesus for the simple fact that I didn’t want to go to Hell. Going there I found Jesus to be an interesting person. Once the pastor started talking, something about it caught my heart.”

At that service, Malcolm felt weak and vulnerable and allowed God to come into his heart.

“The Lord took me, He called me, and I surrendered and gave my life to Jesus in 2010.”