Rey King Discusses Producing For Social Club & His New EP

Grammy-nominated producer Rey King was at SXSW 2015 with Billboard-charting duo Social Club and got an opportunity to catch up with Jam The Hype for an interview. The Love Hate Demos-artist spoke on working with Social Club, an upcoming EP, how he approaches creating music, and producing on Leslie Grace’s Grammy-nominated project, among other topics.

Rey King produced four tracks on US, which dropped today. He crafted the instrumentals for “Cafe Con Leche (Mocha Joe’s Theme),” “Bad Advice,” “Carpe Diem,” and “Benjamin Trillington (Pug Life Remix).”

Rey talked about how his relationship with the misfits goes back years.

“I knew them boys before they were Social Club [Marty and FERN],” said Rey King in his interview with JTH. “Just to be able to see where they are today and not only see it but be a part of it, it’s a beautiful thing. Them boys take me on the road with them [and] I produce with them. It’s a dope combination. I feel that we have a very good energy together. I feel like I represent the misfit. They rap about that and I feel that I am that guy. That’s the guys that God called them to love. The guy that is straight terrible. It’s a beautiful relationship.”

D-Flow and Rey King joined forces to make US a project with diverse sounds. Rey King spoke on how working with D-Flow was a special collaboration.

“I wanted to bring something different to the project besides my brother D-Flow. He got the trap. He got the music on lock so we just both kind of played different roles in the project. To combine everything together was dope.”

Rey King is also working on a solo EP titled Grudges that will convey personal topics. It’s five tracks and is scheduled to come out in late spring or early summer.

Rey King’s forthcoming EP uses language that some may disagree with. King expressed that he understands some of his fans concerns and wants them to know his heart for approaching the lyrics the way that he did. He is releasing an edited version of the project because he is aware that some Christians and others just want to hear the music without strong language.

“I’ve always considered myself a mainstream artist from beginning to the end but because of my involvement within the Christian community, a lot of people have adopted me as their own. I’m not a Christian artist. I definitely am a believer. I definitely believe in Christ. That’s who saved me, but my music within itself has some of that in it but it also has some of me in it, and I’m human. I’m from Providence, Rhode Island and we talk crazy. On this project, I feel that it’s a balance of who I am. Some of that may come with some strong language, adult language. So, some people may be concerned with that. I personally feel that it’s only going to make you feel what I’m saying because I’m not editing myself to tell you my story. I’m using the freedom of speech to be able to share and paint the picture, paint the emotions the way I truly feel them. That’s where the music is. I’ve been called to be effective, and I do that by being myself. That’s kind of what I want to do on this project. Talk how I talk. Use the language that I use in my regular life when I’m talking to my regular friends.”

Rey King dropped The Love Hate Demos in 2013.

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What are your thoughts on Rey’s upcoming project?