Red Flag #3: Bizzle vs Jay-Z



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Y’all already know the story of 2011:

—Jay-Z made a statement that “Jesus won’t save you…”

—Bizzle responded by taking a stand for Jesus to challenge Jay by sayin “JESUS DOES SAVE…”

—More christians attacked Bizzle than Jay for standing up for “THEIR SO-CALLED SAVIOR” #SMH

Now myself & the brother Bizzle have different approaches when it comes to music. I don’t believe either one is necessarily “better” than the other, they’re just well…..”different”.

But one thing I know, you could be a preacher, rapper, politician, killer, prostitute, snake-charmer, thespian, bus-driver, waitress in Hooters or a little green man from Mars…… if you tell me Jesus ain’t The Savior…… I’m not gonna choose sides witchu against the Jesus Dude!!!! But Hey… that’s me!!!!

Kinda makes you wonder what Christians are lookin @ when they “WATCH THE THRONE!!!”