Rapper Andre Balboa Releases ‘Preaching to the Choir’ ft. Ruslan, JGivens, & More

Andre Balboa released his follow-up to last year’s Choir Practice EP produced by J. Rhodan with, Preaching to the Choir, also produced by Rhodan.

“I think recently in CHH we’ve seen the pendulum shift to music that is more for people outside the church,” said Balboa. “That shift is necessary but our churches need the word too, my album focuses on the church and what I feel we need to get back to.”  One of the unique aspects of this record is that Balboa chose to have artwork created for every track on the project which helps bring the audio to life with visuals.

You can download Preaching To The Choir on Google Play and Amazon.

You can stream Preaching To The Choir on Spotify and Apple Music.

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