Only 1-Way – Breakthru [Album Review] (September 7, 2010)


            Only 1-Way (aka O1W) is an urban gospel trio from Detroit, Michigan, consisting of Chris “Truth” Jones, Matt “King” Jones, and Parrish “MO” Jones.  O1W began in 2003 after a prophecy from the reverend Dr. Kevin L. Young of Hope Evangelical Ministries.  Dr. Young stated that the men had been “called of God to the youth of the nations” and were to be “totally set apart,” thus giving them the name “Only 1-Way.”  Since then, O1W has gone on to receive five DMA Nominations (Detroit Music Awards) and two ROG Music Awards Nominations (Rhythm of Gospel Music Awards).  In the summer of 2010, they released BREAKTHRU, promoted as containing a “radio friendly style, unique sound, dynamic and anointed lyrics and powerful message.”

            BREAKTHRU opens with the short “Thee Introduction” before continuing on to the head-bobbing hit single off the album “I Get It In.”  This track reminds us how we should be acting as Christians – praying, worshiping, consecrating, and fasting.  In “Heaven,” O1W state that the one way to get to heaven is to “first denounce Satan, repent of ya sins / confess Jesus as your Lord, now you all cleansed / stay in His word, rejoice when you hear it / obey His commandments and the fruit of the spirit.”  O1W proclaims to the Lord in “I Am” that He is the potter and they will be whoever He wants them to be.  The group sings of the miracles of Jesus and His sacrifice for us in “So Fly” and that they praise God for all the things He has done for them.

In O1W’s next hit song “Ready 4 Whateva,” the group courageously states that they are ready to face the demons that rise up against them.  “A million demons tried to kill me, God healed me then / So God make me better / So when problems come my way you know I’m ready for whateva.”  The title track tells us to look to God for healing not just physically, but more importantly, spiritually.  As O1W declare in “I Know He Is Able,” God can do all things and will give us the strength to perform His plan in our lives.  “No More” brings to light the many evils of the world, such as murderers and prostitutes and drug dealers, but O1W assure us that they will all be no more when Jesus returns.

O1W requests to God in “Fall Fresh” to “let the glory of the Lord come fall fresh on me.”  “From Anotha Planet” begins with a 35 second intro titled “The Landing.”  The song talks about walking by faith, not by sight.  Since others do not understand their reasoning for doing this, O1W say that they look like people from another planet.  The topic of faith continues in “Work It Out” which is about trusting in the Lord to solve our problems.  “Tithe” is a somewhat funny track focused on giving tithe to God.

“Praise Your Name” has a strong worshipful feel as the group glorifies the Lord and sings about praising Him.  Following the short interlude “Let It Go,” the album moves to a melodic, “Upon the Cross” in which O1W talks about Christ’s sacrifice for our sins.  “Mountain Mover,” the album’s closer, has a strong and exciting beat as O1W rap about having the faith to move mountains in the name of the Lord!

BREAKTHRU features a unique blend of hip-hop, gospel, and worship music all in one package.  Each of the songs has an interesting beat along with lyrics that are in no way soft.  The trio of O1W is just as unique as its music and has talents that give the group a bright future.  This album has strong highlights in “I Get It In,” “Ready 4 Whateva,” and the title track.  For anyone looking for “mind blowing and dynamic lyricism” mixed with a variety of beats, BREAKTHRU is an album worth the buy.


Check out the video for their current radio single, “I Get It In!”

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