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Serge – The Fall

“The Fall” is the 2nd single from the CTF Records/One Hope upcoming project REBRANDED that will be available August 5th 2014.


Th3 Saga – L.O.N.E.R.

Rapper , Singer , And Songwriter TH3 SAGA releases debut mixtape titled ‘L.O.N.E.R.’ with extraordinary lyricism and word play he describes real life situations and life experiences so artistically

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Everyday Cool – Episode 6

The two talk Propaganda’s ‘Crimson Cord,’ their return to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and proper norms for managing your pull box at your comic store.

CHH Idolatry Disctractions

When CHH Becomes Idolatry

“When CHH is a cheap pay date, that’s when the things that are for God, start keeping me from God, that ain’t what I want yo’, so I gotta keep on guard.”

Estilo Latino

King Yovi – Mi Amor Eterno

  Esperen su nuevo sencillo de “mi vida” Donde King Yovi expresa por medio de su talento musical la obra que ha hecho Dios…


Julio Torres es un artista versátil y creativo. Siempre activó en la música antes de que él le entregará su vida a Jesús. Creciendo…