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HillaryJane – Wild Side

HillaryJane, a 20 year old Houston native singer/rapper follows up her debut single, “Chimneys,” with a song about being confident in being truly different.

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ABIV – Without You

ABIV plays for us his song “Without You.” The song reminds us how no matter what we do in life if we do it without God, our hard work doesn’t mean anything because He is the most important treasure.

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Everyday Cool – Episode 6

The two talk Propaganda’s ‘Crimson Cord,’ their return to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and proper norms for managing your pull box at your comic store.

CHH Idolatry Disctractions

When CHH Becomes Idolatry

“When CHH is a cheap pay date, that’s when the things that are for God, start keeping me from God, that ain’t what I want yo’, so I gotta keep on guard.”