Mission & BrvndonP Break Down New Album ‘Barely Finished’

Their first time meeting was through a mutual friend, musician JG, in Fairfield, California. “He [BrvndonP] was kind of nonchalant and I was like, ‘Okay, I’m kind of nonchalant too.’” Mission said that he won BrvndonP’s respect after they were both featured on “House Party,” a song from JG’s 2013 project.

“We started making music together and obviously it turned into a brotherhood,” said BrvndonP. They are both part of a group with three other rappers, collectively called #RPSMG. The group most recently released a free EP in July 2015, and BrvndonP said that there will be an album coming soon. Before the #RPSMG album comes, both Mission and BrvndonP plan to release solo projects, possibly in the summer.

“We obviously see that the fans want it so we’ve got to give them another #RPSMG album.”

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