Meet theBeatbreaker: The Man Behind the Drums at Lecrae Shows

“I don’t ever remember not drumming… All my [young] memories include me banging on stuff.”

Nate Robinson, known by some as theBeatbreaker, is often best known for being Lecrae’s drummer, but he is also a producer and music teacher. He recently released his own album called Heard Not Seen on February 24th.

“I am just a regular dude from Houston that loved music. I’ve grown up my entire life indulging in music and the arts, trying to get better in my craft.”

“I was a young black man growing up in the hood, and I made some bad choices, just like everybody does when growing up. I ended up having a daughter at age 16. That’s what rocked me and really got my attention. That was my first time having sex and everything hit the fan.” At that time, he had to make a lot of changes in his life, and “that moment is when God got my attention, I really got focused on God first and doing the best that I could do to make myself to provide for and be a good example to my daughter.”

When he became a father, it “was the pinnacle moment where I realized that I had to put God in front of me. If I keep running off, making these choices on my own, I’m gonna run myself into a ditch.” Now many years later, his daughter will soon graduate from college and Nate says, “I really raised her by myself until my wife came into the picture about ten years ago. Now she has an incredible stepmother, but she is a mother.”