Listen To Dre Murray’s ‘DarkVader’ Mixtape!

Collision Records artist, Dre Murray, has released his ‘DarkVader’ mixtape!

The mixtape is below (free download).

‘DarkVader’ doesn’t have any features. Murray’s prayer is that the mixtape is solid art and the message makes contact.

Dre Murray dropped his billboard-charting album, ’34,’ on November 27, 2015.

Cover by @zxmbiac.

What’s your favorite track?

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  • late10

    I’ve got to say that I’m very disappointed in this release. For someone who has talent, but uses so little of it , it makes me say go ahead and retire from Hip-Hop because you’re killing the listeners. Not a complete thought comes across in the entire album, not even a song.

    As Willie “P-Dub” Moore Jr. just recently said I’m shutting down my involvement in CHH, because the is little to no Christ in the messages. There are 66 books of the Bible, each having to do with Jesus, an example through the lives and times of other men, but y’all keep coming back with repeats of secular rap as references to how we should like/listen to the Gospel.
    Would the truth seekers, those who understand the gospel, who live out their testimony, who study, who are inclined to perform, please stand up. It sounds like rapping to just be making noise not even worth the time. This isn’t all pointing a Dre, but I was so disappointed it all just kinda came out. I thank God I’ve kept my collection over the years so I can go back to when creativity wasn’t rhyming like everyone else, but knowing how to do what you do, and keeping Christ first.