KB – Weight & Glory [Album Review] (Release Date: July 17, 2012)

            One of the more recent members of Reach Records, Kevin Burgess (aka “KB”) is finally releasing his much anticipated debut album.  KB was introduced to Christian hip-hop as a teen, and after high school, he formed the Christian rap group His Glory Alone (HGA).  He was invited by Lecrae to the “Acquire the Fire” tour, joined Reach Records a few months, and was featured in many songs by fellow Reach Records artists.  KB’s debut album Weight & Glory focuses on the glory and awesomeness of God.  He describes it as “us being blown away by God…feeling His weight and beholding His glory.”

            The piano-based “Weight Music” opens Weight & Glory and features great, quick rap lines from KB along with a very calm hook.  It is an interesting way to start the album, but KB pulls it off beautifully and the song has an amazing sound.  The first single “Zone Out,” featuring Chris Lee, is the second track on the album.  KB refers to zoning out as the times when he is “obsessed” with the Lord.  Furthermore, he and Chris state that no one can stop this Christian drive: “You can bring whoever you want / And you’ll never break me, won’t penetrate / Once I get off in my zone.”  “Anomaly” is driven by a clear drum beat as KB raps about the anomaly of Christ’s resurrection and how we can all have eternal life through Him.

            One of the most upbeat songs on the album is “Don’t Mean Much” which also features one of the strongest messages.  Sho Baraka and After Edmund join KB in this song that’s message is summed up in the hook.  Money, fame, coming for your heart and / Sex, drugs, secret of the dark, and everything, everything the world wants / Don’t mean much, it don’t mean much to me.”  Reach Records artists Andy Mineo and Tedashii make guest appearances in “Go Off,” a song encouraging Christians to “go hard” and avoid giving in to sin.  “Mr. Pretender” is a very serious song on the album, talking about Christians who act godly in public and sin deeply in secret.

            Perhaps the most moving track on the record, “Open Letter (Battlefield)” features Swoope, Trip Lee, and Jai.  The artists rap while reading letters from people struggling with feelings such as insecurity and lust.  Trip Lee delivers a beautiful verse in the end, praying for these people.  “Heart Song” features Jasmine Le’Shea in the hook and KB rapping in the verses encouraging individuals going through the pain of knowing they or a loved one is going to die; death is not the end since we have eternal life.

            KB and FLAME rap in “Angels” about the fact that no matter how famous or rich you are, you cannot receive the amount of glory God does.  “Tear It Down” has a head-bobbing beat with KB rapping that he is not ashamed to talk about his God.  The fun, upbeat song “Church Clap” which features Lecrae follows this.  It is always nice to hear Lecrae join fellow Reach Records artists on their albums, especially with the young artists like KB, and the two do a great job together in this song.

            The album closes with “Hello,” featuring Suzy Rock, and “Here We Go,” featuring PK.  “Hello” focuses on God’s mercy and forgiveness; Suzy Rock sings in the hook, “Everyday I live is another day I know that I’ve been forgiven.”  “Here We Go” has a beautiful tone as KB and PK sing and rap about looking forward to the day when they will finally see the face of God. Before the album finishes, KB offers us a bonus track: “Zone Out (Amped Remix)” which is almost a full minute longer than the original.

             After listening to Weight & Glory, it was hard for me to believe that this is KB’s debut album with Reach Records.  Not only does the album contain great beats and tunes, but also KB delivers powerful lyrics about people’s struggles and God’s glory.  All who have been looking forward to this release will not at all be disappointed.  The album features amazing upbeat tracks like “Don’t Mean Much” (which will be KB’s first official single to Christian Rock radio) and slower, meaningful tracks like “Open Letter (Battlefield).”  With this solid release, KB is sure to make a strong name of himself in the Christian hip-hop industry.

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