Get to Know Hector Orama and Forgiven Boutique

Forgiveness is something that Hector Orama wants all people to experience. That is what inspires his apparel company, Forgiven Boutique.

Hector Orama was interested in fashion at an early age. “I was so infatuated with people wearing clothes and shoes and seeing how they made a statement when I was younger.”

When he was in school as a youth, Hector would wear fashionable clothes for people to notice him and that made him feel good.

“I would think that was what life was about, and I realized that no one cares about that at the end of the day. When I got saved, none of those clothes or shoes were worth anything anymore.”

Hector Orama believes that when people see the word “Forgiven” on a shirt or hat he is wearing, it can cause people to think,

“You know what, maybe I need to forgive somebody or maybe I need to forgive myself.”