FLAME – The 6th Album Review [Released March 6, 2012]

The title of FLAME’s latest album The 6th not only refers to it being the sixth album of the artist’s career but also to the fact that the Lord created man on the sixth day.  Following great success from his past albums, particularly Our World Redeemed which garnered GRAMMY, Dove, and Stellar Award nominations, FLAME has made quite a name of himself in the world of Christian hip-hop.  Thus, The 6th is an album with high expectations, but FLAME might just exceed all those expectations with this solid release!

The 6th begins with the head-bobbing “Try Me” which features Young Noah and introduces any new listener to FLAME’s distinctive rap voice which sounds great with his genre of music.  The title track, “The 6th Day,” follows and begins the main theme of the album – the creation of man on the sixth day.  FLAME reminds us that we are made in God’s image and need to reflect God’s characteristics in our lives.  This topic leads into “The Great Deception” which focuses on the fall of man and has a musical sound that reminds me of some of Lecrae’s music.  In this song, FLAME does not just talk about Adam and Eve’s sin, but he also reminds us that Jesus also experienced temptation and overcame it.  Thus, “the safest place to be is in Him for protection /…To escape the Great Deception.”

Perhaps the track that will excite Christian Hip-Hop fans the most is “Show Out” which features Lecrae and has an amazing beat!  Lecrae and FLAME sing one verse each with Lecrae’s including a couple references to some of his own songs, which is fun to hear.  FLAME makes some powerful statements in the song, singing that he is not just in this career to make money but to spread the gospel of Jesus and to let people know that they can be saved from death.  “Trap Money” features both Thi’sl and Young Noah and has a strong beat that, together, makes for a good listen.  One of the most interesting tracks on the record, “Man” is just over fifty seconds long and reminds man that although he has the ability to even put an astronaut on the moon, he lacks the strength to save his own soul.

“Caught In The Lights” slows down the pace of the album and features the female vocals of V. Rose who adds a beautiful sound to the song.  FLAME states that having your soul saved is more important than gaining the world.  “He Did It Again” and “Scripture Alone” both contain straightforward message and great beats: Jesus Christ saved us from our sins and the Bible is our most trustworthy source of knowledge about our faith, respectively.  In the latter, FLAME sings, “If we can’t trust in the Bible we can’t trust nothing.”  Following “Running” which features Steve T and a powerful beat, the album slows down for “Against The World” in which V. Rose appears again.  The theme in this song is Christ’s great love for us that is exhibited in His crucifixion and resurrection.

After a fifty-second intro, “Devil’s Bread” commences in which FLAME refers to Satan’s temptation as his bait, and FLAME encourages us to refuse the Devil’s bread.  “Christ Alone” uses reversed lyrics to create an interesting sound before ending with an array of techno-like music.  Finally, “Let Go” closes the record with the unlikely duo of FLAME and DecembeRadio.  With the theme of finding peace and strength in Jesus, “Let Go” provides a beautiful ending to the album: “I know a place where we’ll cry / But He’ll wipe the tears from our eyes / All our fears will be alright / Because only in Him are we alive.”

FLAME does not disappoint in this latest album that features great duos with him and other artists, amazing beats, and, most importantly, powerful lyrics.  Repeatedly during the record, FLAME states the fact that we were dead until Jesus Christ came and died for our sins.  Along with that message, FLAME also reminds us that Christ experienced temptation just as we do and He overcame it.  Thus, we can find the power to defeat Satan through our Lord and Savior.  The 6th is not just for hip-hop fans but also for anyone interested in hearing encouraging lyrics laced with fun, striking music!

  • This is one of my best Christian Rap albums ever! I like the review it has received on here and it completely reflects the contents of the album! Soli Deo Grolia!

  • Andrew

    This is DOPE! God bless u more FLAME!

  • Danny

    I love this album
    These type of albums are the ones that keep the level of christian rap rising to new levels