Dre Murray Talks Rapping, Basketball, New Mixtape and More

Collision Records artist Dre Murray grew up in Houston, Texas. Living in that city he was able to start to record music at a young age. “You could be ten years old and making money doing shows in Houston if you knew how to move and maneuver.”

Houston was one of the first cities in the United States affected by the invasion of crack cocaine in the mid 1980s. In 1986, First Lady Nancy Reagan introduced the Just Say No campaign in the so-called “War On Drugs.” Three years later, the campaign was still going on and Dre Murray decided to make a song about how he saw crack cocaine affect people in his neighborhood. He was eight years old at that time, a fourth grader in elementary school.

At age eleven, Dre Murray knew that he wanted to become a rapper. His uncle had a video camera, uncommon at the time, and loved to film.

“He tricked me and my cousin and told us that his friend in Atlanta was a music producer and if we did something on the spot, we could possibly get signed. We went into the house and came out with the Kris Kross tape, we did two songs from Kris Kross and we performed it.”

Recently looking at the video, Murray said that he would’ve signed the young rappers to a label. “I’m not gassing this up, [but] I was hungry. I thought I was always shy and nervous but he put the camera on and I went.”