Da’ T.R.U.T.H. on the “White Man’s Religion”: Christianity

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. continues to dive deep on sociological and theological issues following on his “It’s Complicated” album also exploring these themes.  In this Facebook video, he shares his perspective on why Christianity has been receiving a bad rap in certain circles because it has been deemed the “white man’s religion that has been handed down to us from our slavemasters”?

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. reminds us to…

Affirm – We need to understand the grievances that people have when they bring up this issue since so many bad things have been done in the name of Christianity, such as slavemasters using the Bible to tell slaves to be obedient and to continue in bondage.

To Be Informed – Christianity is actually a religion that was birthed in the middle east and Africa, and then moved west.  Then also the abolitionist movement came out of Christian values and from those who were Christians, such as Frederick Douglass and William Wilberforce.  “The beautiful thing about Christianity is that God is the God of all people. Jesus shed his blood for all mankind” Da’ T.R.U.T.H. reminds us.  Then also Judaism and Christianity were birthed out of the middle east and of Africa, which are the cradle of civilization.  Only after Christianity took hold in those regions did it spread west to Rome, and Europe, and then America.

  • Chosen1

    Interesting video, I’m just curious as to why Johnny Mac aka “John MacArthur” RC Sproul and other white Reformers & Baptist, that many “Reformers” applaude, never talk about the origins of Christianity starting in Africa & the Middle East? Da Truth set the record straight, but again all we hear about no matter what denomination you’re in (I’m not apart of one) is Martin Luther, Agustine, and other white male “Christians”, along with the “Crusaders”, The Pope, etc. etc. We always see YESHUA depicted as a white skin male with blue eyes, No wander so many think Christianity is a “White man’s religion”. But again, my question is why aren’t JM and others speaking out on this truth, Just Saying.