Alex Faith Vents About The Corny Christian Music Industry

Collision Records artist, Alex Faith, recently vented about what he calls the “corny Christian market” on Twitter.

Faith is a Christian hip-hop veteran and has seen a lot in the Christian music world. He is obviously passionate about art that represents Christ and wants to see the genre change for the better. Faith’s valid points should definitely be considered. Check out his rant below.

The ATLast-crafter dropped his Billboard-charting EP titled ‘Intruder’ in October of 2016.

Featured Image Via Facebook.

How do you feel about what was said in this collection of tweets?

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  • Phillip Bond

    he right

  • tj

    He’s telling the truth but we have to remember that the secular rap industry has much more resources than Christian rap. Also People tend to forget that there are plenty of wack secular rappers its only the ones that are signed to big labels that put out radio quality music. If you go to CD Baby and listen to all those underground secular rappers you will see that they don’t sound any better than Christian rappers. At the end of the day I don’t think its a secular or Christian thing when it comes to how good the music sounds. I think its more about who is signed to a established label or not. Usually a artist doesn’t sound good until they are signed to a label that understands how to make professional music. If you take these secular artist off the labels there on and you make them go out and make a album on there own with limited resources, more than likely they will sound no better than most christian rappers or underground secular rappers who sell there cd’s on the street corner.

  • late10

    The “Corny” aspect is, less Christ in the rhymes and more me, I, us in every line. The redo’s of copying secular artist. Why not use your voice, have your own style, create your own sound and be Christ centered?: If you go back to most artist first projects you’ll find the gospel in their music and lives. Today, it’s a copycat industry where we lose the genre to Kanye, Chance, and the J.Coles of the world. So even Alex Faith has bitten the apple of industry art, and his sound is more ir less secular in its approach. Give me the older stuff from Cross Movement, shai linne, Christcentric, theBreax, Sean Slaughter and Toussaint, K-Nine, Gauge, Kambino, Corey Red, Decipha, Katalyst and others. Rhyming with a reason.