5 Future Technologies That Everyone Will Have Access To By 2020

The future is closer than you think and technology is getting more fascinating by the day. These are 5 future technologies that almost everyone will have access to within the next 5 years.

  • Project Soli

Google never fails and in a time when technological advancement is at an all time high, the silicon valley gods lead the pack. Google’s Project Soli is so unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The project utilizes radar technology to detect movements around. You can pretty much control it with your fingers and hand gestures without touching anything. It’s like all those tech things we see in movies. project soli how2becoolI mean think about the advancement. It’s 2015 and we already have Hoverboard like things roaming the streets just as it was predicted in back to the future. You get my drift. I’m pretty sure we’ll soon all have the view inside iron man’s helmet with just a pair of contacts. Imagine how amazing that would be. The future of technology is quite bright and you don’t have to be a genius to notice it.

Here’s a video on Project Soli.

  • 4K Displays for Everyone

future technologies

Imagine if everything you watch these days is in 4k display. For those who don’t know what 4k is, think about the clarity of your current TV. Hd, 720p, 1080p, or even Blu-ray. Now put all those displays together and multiply by 2. That’s easily how clear a 4k display looks like. Well I might be exaggerating a bit but the high-resolution thing is so next level. Media companies are already starting to utilize the resolution. For example, you can now take videos in 4k, YouTube gives you the option to watch things in 4K, and I’m pretty sure that streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Roku and more will soon start streaming the high-res display. It’s still hard to get over 1080p for some people but imagine if everything you set your eyes on, every display is in 4k. 2020 might just be the answer.

  • Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is pretty cool, most people who have tried it have had nothing but awesome and cool things to say about it. Oh and it’s not just a thing for gamers, it can also be used for medical reasons. Pretty cool right? In the video above, YouTuber Austin Evans takes a ride with the Oculus Rift (the most popular virtual reality technology at this current time). This piece of brilliant coolness might just be available for mainstream use by the year 2020. Fingers crossed. We’ll be watching.

  • Self-Driving Cars

Yes! Cars can drive themselves these days and if you’ve been following How2BeCool, we wrote an article about the self-driving google car a while ago.

Think about this.. If every car drove itself, we might just have fewer accidents and traffic. It’s quite possible that through accurately timed calculations, order might be the anthem for this amazing technology. We might all just have the option to put our cars on auto pilot by 2020. Imagine that!.

  • Global Internet

Imagine a world where everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) has access to the internet. Imagine being able to go anywhere and literally access the internet in any and everywhere. It sorta sucks to leave your home and be limited to shaky 3G and 4G speeds. This will definitely be a good thing. Internet for everyone…Watch the video below.

So this is our list of the 5 future technologies that everyone could have access to by the year 2020.

If you feel like I missed something, feel free to let us know in the comment box below.

via How2BeCool

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